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About Us:

I started For the Love of Food project in the spring of 2007 for the purpose of providing ideas and inspiration for eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables because I believe the best place to teach nutrition is right at home using good food and sharing recipes. The project is young but it has had lots of help along the way. The concepts behind the project were "field tested" at delicious dinner parties with members of the nutrition department at the University of New Hampshire and the staff at Exeter Family Health.

Most recently the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration provided a grant to develop the searchable recipe index and Kara Day developed a much needed logo. Core Physicians of Exeter, NH facilitated the distribution of the grant and promotes the project in its primary care offices. For the Love of Food project has been featured on NHPTV and is a NHPTV Live Fit partner and in 2008 the Lulu G. Graves Award from the American Dietetic Association to create the video you can see on the home page. I hope you plan a For the Love of Food meal with your family and friends and let us know the results.