Roasted Cauliflower-Appetizer: Submitted by: Eileen Behan | Date Added: 13 Sep 2010 Ingredients:

The first time I told my family I was serving roasted cauliflower they rolled their eyes. What they didn’t know was that something magical happens to the flavor and texture of cauliflower when it is roasted at high heat. It turned out to be a big hit, disappeared in minutes, and now everyone looks forward to it when I put it on the menu.

1 large head white cauliflower
2 tablespoons olive oil
˝ teaspoon salt

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Rinse the cauliflower, remove the core and leaves, cut the “flowers” into individual pieces as equal in size as possible, flowers should be about one inch in diameter.

Place the prepared cauliflower in a plastic bag, add oil, and salt. Toss until every piece of cauliflower is lightly coated.
Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spread the cauliflower over the pan so it is in one even layer.

Roast fifteen to twenty minutes, turning after ten minutes so it browns evenly. The cauliflower is done when the edges just start to brown. Serve hot and eat it like popcorn.

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