Blackened Banana: Date Added: 13 Sep 2010 Ingredients:

A sweet, warm, ready-to-eat snack in 60 seconds. Cooking makes bananas super sweet and soft. The skin gets black - hence the name- but the inside is soft and creamy. It is best eaten immediately when it is warm and soft. As the banana cools it will start to thicken and is not nearly as good.
1 banana, peel on
Plain yogurt or vanilla ice cream

Cooking Instructions:

Prick the skin of the banana with the tip of a knife
Cook the banana in the microwave until the skin starts to blacken, about 60 to 120 seconds (depending on your oven).
Remove from oven and scrape the soft cooked banana pulp from the skin and serve right away plain or in a bowl topped with yogurt or a little ice cream.

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