Apricot Basics: Date Added: 15 Sep 2010 Ingredients:

These deep orange colored fruits are a very good source of vitamin A. They can usually be found fresh in late May, and early June. They have a pleasant tart taste similar to the texture of a peach, but less juicy. Apricots are picked ripe, look for plump fruit with even color, they should feel soft when gently pressed. Avoid soft, mushy apricots. Fresh apricots are fragile and do not travel well but they are ideal for drying because the flavor holds up so well. Most dried apricots are treated with sulphur dioxide to retain color and loss of flavor and vitamins.

Cooking Instructions:

The best way to eat apricots is fresh, they keep refrigerated only one to three days or cook
use fresh apricots to make the Free Form Tart or Poached Fruit in the recipe section.

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