Mushrooms: Date Added: 1 Apr 2012 Ingredients:

The button mushroom is the most widely available; they carry some B vitamins, and antioxidants but they carry very few calories or fat. Look for mushrooms that have a smooth creamy cap, avoid those with pitted surface or dark discolorations. Most mushrooms are grown on commercial farms in controlled sterile environments.

Cooking Instructions:

To prepare: Scrub with a paper towel or mushroom brush to clean, slice or keep whole and toss with oil in a hot sautÚ pan and cook until soft and tender. Mushrooms contain a lot of water which will be released in cooking so you do not need to add much oil. Also use in salad, stuff with vegetables as an appetizer ( try Double Stuffed Mushrooms under appetizers) and use in casseroles, stews and sautÚs. Do use them to add flavor to stews and soups .
Storage : keep fresh mushroom refrigerated for up to one week.

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