Turnip: Date Added: 1 Apr 2012 Ingredients:

Turnips are a root vegetable with purple tops, sometimes sold with the greens attached like carrots. They have a strong flavor that I think tastes best when mashed, or pureed. They have a thick skin that must be peeled before cooking. Look for turnips that are firm and small to medium in size. Rutabagas are in the turnip family but are yellow fleshed and usually bigger than turnips and often sold with a wax coating on the skin to preserve freshness. They are cooked in the same way but may take a few more minutes of cooking time. Turnips are a good source of fiber, and potassium.

Cooking Instructions:

To prepare: peel and chop into inch slices, steam 12-15 minutes or until tender. Puree or mash with butter and a small amount of milk.

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