Salsa Verde: Date Added: 16 May 2016 Ingredients:

Salsa Verde
Salsa Verde can be used to add flavor to Mexican foods it can also be used as a salad dressing, added to cooked rice and beans, used as a sauce on any cooked meat and o top vegetables. Tomatillos look like green tomatoes packed in a paper husk, they have a rich bright flavor and they feel a little sticky when the husk is removed. Serrano chili is a hot chili similar to a jalapeno chili use one or two in this recipe depending on how much spice you like and be careful not to touch eyes after chopping or handling any chili pepper. Wash hands to remove the oils right after handling.

Prep time 5 minutes total cook time 10 minutes
Makes about 3 cups

1-2 Serrano chilies, cut in half seeds remove.
10 whole tomatillos
1 garlic clove
cup cilantro
cup chopped onion
teaspoon salt

Cooking Instructions:

1 Remove the paper husk from the tomatillos and rinse, cut into quarters add to the blender along with all other ingredients
Pulse on and off, scraping down side blend until smooth.

Salsa Verde with Avocado
For a thicker Salsa Verdi add a peeled ripe avocado to the blender and pulse until smooth.
1 whole avocado

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